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Shark Proof Signs an Exclusive Agreement with Toranj to Distribute Best Liquid Screen Protector in Iranian Market

By August 9, 2016Buzz
Shark proof liquid screen protectors for all phones, tablets and laptops.

Shark Proof signs another exclusive distribution agreement with Toranj of Iran and now world’s best screen protector will be available to consumers, retailers and wholesalers through sample in Iran. Shark Proof with its total smart device protection product has already conquered European market and now Shark aims to bring its innovative liquid screen protector to the Middle-Eastern and Asian markets.

“We’re extremely thrilled about working with the tech giant like Toranj to launch our innovative liquid screen protector in Iran,” said Rashad Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of Shark Proof. “Our exceptional marketing and partnerships with leading distributors will create more awareness of the value of our products and how people can protect their phones, watches, and tablets effortlessly.”

Shark’s invisible screen protectors offer customers smart device protection from scratches, grazes, liquid and abrasion. The invisible layer not only helps the customer in maintaining excellent condition of their device but it also increases the re-sale of the device when the user goes to sell their product in market.

For retailers, keeping Shark technologies in their inventory can give them various benefits such as enhanced revenue, less damaged device claims, high customer satisfaction and less dead stock. Another benefit to the retailers and wholesalers is that marketing and training support is directly provided from Shark Proof.

For consumers, one of the advantages of using wipe-on screen protector instead of stick-on screen protector is that it is not restricted to any particular model, make or brand. The liquid can be applied effortlessly on type of smart electronic screen. A single product packaging contains enough nanotechnology liquid that can applied on any display screen up to 10.1 inches and it will completely protect smart device up to 2 years depending upon the usage of the device.

Moreover, compared to other type of protectors, Shark’s invisible screen protector is extremely affordable and economical. The 9H hardness shield also provides various other benefits to the users such as anti-glare protection, splash protection, germ protection, and so on which truly makes it a best screen protector for smart devices.

Furthermore, installing nanotechnology liquid is also a piece of cake. Customers need to follow simple guidelines provided in the product packaging in order to apply screen protector without any hassle. The application process is so easy and simple that even seven year old kid can apply without worrying about anything else.


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