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Shark Proof Steals The Show At Exposed 2016 In London

By May 30, 2016Buzz
Exposed 2016

On Wednesday, 24, 2016, Shark Proof unveiled its ground-breaking liquid screen protector to the audience present at the un-miss-able technology showcase of the year in London, and Shark Proof was certainly one of the major highlights at Exposed 2016 event this year. The event, was attended by some of the biggest brands in the industry including the likes of Acer, LG and other well-known technological brands. Exposed managed to attract more than 300+ retailers and distributors from all over the world this year and all of them were simply mesmerized by unique features of Shark Proof’s self-healing protector.

Shark Proof at exposed in london

Screen protectors are always considered as wise investment choice for the consumers when it comes to defending smart devices such as tablets, smart phones, Sat Nav and other similar devices. However, stocking too much screen protectors can be a huge problem for distributors and retailers as these protectors are designed only for specific models and when the new model comes out in the market it can lead to over-stocking problems or low sales.

On the other hand, Liquid Screen protector by Shark Proof is designed in such way that it is not restricted or limited to any particular model or make or brand. At Exposed 2016, Shark Proof displayed how self-healing protector can be applied on any type of glass screen up to 10.1 inch and it can fully defend the glass screen up to 2 years. Moreover, it also eliminates the problem of unwanted inventory or over-stocking which saves huge amount of investment in traditional protectors for distributors and retailers.

shark proof booth at exposed

Another problem that is faced by many smart device users is of air bubbles which is formed on the glass screen within just few weeks after applying the tempered glass on the their smart device. Air bubbles can cause difficulty in viewing the screen properly and also result in diminish output performance which can be nuisance for all consumers. In contrast, Shark with its liquid screen protector guarantees 100% air bubbles free glass screen which can also enhance customer satisfaction and lead to repeat purchases.

The self-healing protector also comes with 9H hardness which makes the glass surface as strong as sapphire. Moreover, it prevents all types of scratches, grazes and abrasions caused by daily usage. Sharp objects such as pens, pencils or key chains present in the pocket can often graze the glass and Shark’s protector makes sure that smart devices remains protected at all times.

In addition to, self-healing protector is completely invisible to human eye and it does add the bulk of screen protector. Furthermore, liquid screen protector comes with anti-bacterial and splash resistant properties which provides more benefits to the consumers and it also makes cleaning glass screen hassle free. A sticker immersed in nanotechnology is also provided in the product package which helps to remove any type of dust particles from glass surface without any fuss.

Rashad Hussian, CEO, Shark Proof said that they were completely overwhelmed by the response received at Exposed 2016 from the visitors. “Liquid Screen Protector is an ideal option for distributor and retailers without committing too much of their monetary and human resources” said by the CEO of screen protector giant.

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