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Shark Proof wipe on liquid glass screen protector receives overwhelming response from customers & distributors

By March 1, 2016Buzz
liquid glass screen protector customer's review

Shark Proof a leader in nanotechnology products unveiled its liquid glass screen protector almost a year ago and within the short passage of time Shark Proof’s product established itself as a name for itself in the consumer electronics market and is now a premium brand for protecting all types of smart screens for different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, LEDs, medical equipment, Sat Nav &GPS systems.

Not only Shark Proof’s liquid glass screen protector received great response from its end users but it also managed to receive positive feedback from eminent retailers and distributors who have been selling Shark Proof’s product at their outlets since day one. Apart from retail outlets, invisible liquid is also available at famous online stores such as Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce shops.

One of the main reasons behind the success of liquid protector in the market is that Shark Proof has always delivered on all the promises made by them. On Amazon wipe-on-screen-protector got outstanding response from its customers. Numerous users gave their reviews about the product, and stated that the product had exceeded their expectations in every way.

One of the reviewers shared his experience with wipe on screen protector and stated that as compared to plastic protector it was very easy to apply, and stay bubble free. Apart from protecting the screen from scratches and dust it also makes the phone water repellent which is another unique aspect of this product.

Another reviewer at Amazon present in United Kingdom utilized the free shipment offer said that he received the product at his doorstep before the date committed, and in excellent condition. The manual which was present in the product packaging was very simple and easy to follow. He had no prior experience of applying a liquid glass screen protector on smart phones but he applied the nano-liquid easily without any fuss or confusion.

Furthermore, distributors carrying liquid glass screen protector reported that their customers were extremely satisfied with the product and they did not receive a single complaint regarding invisible liquid which is a huge achievement for the company.

In addition to, many consumers who have used invisible liquid on their GPS systems, Sat Nav, LeapFrog Epic, medical equipment and other such devices were pleased with the end result. Invisible liquid protection helps to retain the beauty of smart devices and it does not add any weight which makes it even better as compared to plastic protector available in the market.

In a nutshell, when it comes down to protection size and brand is a major issue for most plastic protector as they are made for specific models only. However, liquid screen protector can be applied easily on any device irrespective of size or make or brand which adds more value to it.

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