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Shark Proof’s Liquid Screen Protector is ready to protect Samsung Galaxy S7

By January 20, 2016Buzz
Smart way to protect smart phone

Rumors are speculating in the consumer electronic market that Samsung is ready to launch its new smart phone in the next few months. Consumers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S7. Furthermore, it is rumored that Galaxy S7 will have a bigger and edged screen but we will have to wait for it until the phone launched in the market. However, one thing is certain that you will need a protector whether it is an invisible liquid protector or toughened glass for your device.
Tempered glass screen protector or plastic screen protector will be available in the market after the phone is released for general public and those protectors will be made according to the size of S7 but they will be able later on. Nevertheless, Shark Proof’s Liquid Screen Protector will be there to protect your smart phone from the day it is launched. As the invisible liquid protector can be applied to any screen up to 10.1 inch which makes it very convenient for all consumers.

Maintain 3D Touch Screen Sensitivity

Touch screen sensitivity is one of key factors that make it easier for people to operate their smart phone effectively. Those mobile users who have been using tempered glass protector often face the problem of sensitivity since the smart phones are unable to receive input correctly due to protective casing. On the other hand, invisible liquid protector does not hinder the performance of mobile phones as nanotechnology material allows smooth operation.

Easily Charge your phone

Most of the plastic protectors are created for specific models, and each model has power input which is located at different place for example some phones might have power inlet located at the side while other might have it on the top. Moreover, plastic protectors cannot be applied to different models and you will have to take out the casing in order to charge your phone. In contrast, after the application invisible liquid protector one can easily charge their phone without worrying about the protective casing.

Protect Front and Back Camera Lens

It is also rumored that Samsung Galaxy S7 will have feature of vivid photos, this attribute will allow the users to create a GIF image and upload it to their social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, and so on. With liquid screen protector you can not only protect your display screen but you can also safeguard your front and back camera lens without bearing any additional cost.

Simple Product Installation

Unlike toughened glass which has to be applied in a vacuum environment, protective liquid can be applied easily at anywhere. All you need to do is follow simple product guidelines and make your phone shark Proof!

Easy to Clean

Cleaning can be a hectic task usually the dust gets trapped between protector and glass screen which can result in diminish display quality, and air bubble starts to appear on the screen. Moreover, it can be a time consuming process to get a clearer screen. However, with Shark Proof’s invisible liquid you can forget about air bubble problems it makes your screen 100% air bubble free. Furthermore, you can use the sticker provided in the package to clean any fingerprints, dust or smudges within few seconds.

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