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Shark’s Screen Protector is All Set to Protect Apple Watch 2

By May 16, 2016Buzz
Apple Watch 2 Protector from Shark Proof

The consumer electronics giant “Apple” with its innovative smart watch already controls 95% of the market share, and it has already created a new segment of smart users who are more conscious towards their health activities. It expected that the new generation of Apple Watch will soon be unveiled in the month of September at World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Moreover, based on our research we have gathered some of the features that might be incorporated into the new generation of Apple Watch 2.

Stand Alone Function

One of the main reasons for the downfall of apple watch was that it relied heavily on the iPhone in order to provide access to certain features. However, the beta version shown earlier this year points out that we can certainly expect the latest model will not be as dependent as the original series. The stand alone features will provide more freedom to the users.

Water Proof

One of the rumors speculating around Apple Watch 2 is that it will be water proof. Since most of the smart watch users tends be involved in health oriented activities, this feature will give them more room to use their tech while they are swimming under water.

Enhanced Health Tracking Applications

It is more likely that the new Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with more health tracking applications than the original series from consumer electronics giant. Some of the health tracking applications was not included in the original series due to certain hardware limitation but this time Apple intends to implement all those apps in the second generation.

Round Face

The second generation watch from the tech giant might come with a different quadrilateral design instead of simple quadrilateral shape. Moreover, when the first series were introduced in the market place most of the consumer complained that it should have come with a round shape as it would have make more logical sense. However, it is unlikely that we might get a circular shape design in the second generation of Apple Watch 2.

Battery Life

One of the main problems that were reported by many users was that it quickly ran out of battery life. However, with the new generation of smart watch, we can expect to see improved battery timing. Moreover, it rumored that the latest series will have battery life up to two or three times more than the original series.

Apple Watch 2 Protector from Shark Proof

Even though smart watch 2 has yet to make an appearance in the market but Shark Proof Liquid Screen Protector can defend your tech from day one. Whatever the design, liquid protector can be easily applied on the glass surface without limiting any functionality. Moreover, the invisible liquid will always give you a crystal clear display and it will protect your device from all sort of physical harms such as scratches, grazes, and abrasions. The single wipe of liquid protector can last up to 2 years which will provide non-stop protection.

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