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The Ultimate dry pack is here to rescue your smart device from water damages

By April 5, 2016Buzz
Dry Pack + protect your device from water damages

If you have ever dropped your smart phone in a pool or washroom then you would probably know that water can be lethal for your smart phone, and rice isn’t a quick fix to your problem. We tend to take our smart phones, watches, and camera everywhere we go and there is a high probability that our devices can be damaged easily due to water or soda spills at an event. So an important question raises what should you do if you ever drop your device down the loo?

Few years ago, if you had dropped your device in water then you could kiss your gadget goodbye as motherboard would get rusted over time and those lovable expensive techs would have become worthless in no time. However, things have changed now, and if by any chance you drop your tech in water then Dry Pack+ is the best option available in the market to save your investment without any problem.

Dry Pack+ works by absorbing water molecules and chemical moisture from device where it is too hard to reach by human hands or other instruments. Furthermore, if you happen to drop your phone in water then the first thing you need to do is take the device out of water and quickly dry it. Turn the power off and take out the battery, sim card, memory card and other accessories from your device. Dry those accessories by using a paper towel or a piece of cloth.

The next step is to place your device inside the Dry Pack+ product package. When you will open the packet you will find two sachets and two elastic bands present inside the pack. Moreover, you will need to place your device in between the two sachets and use elastic band to firmly hold your device as the triple layer aluminum and other material present begins to absorb chemical moisture from your device.

In addition to, depending upon liquid immersion whether it is light, medium or heavy water immersion you need to keep your device for 16 hours, 36 hours, or 48 hours respectively. You need to keep your dry pack+ at room temperature or warm space in order to enhance the absorption process. The dry pack will safely take care of the water molecules without damaging your device.

The Dry Pack+ can be used for any device irrespective of make and model with screen size up to 8 inch. Moreover, your unopened pack has a life expectancy up to 24 months and during this time period if your device happens to fall victim to water spills then you can safely use it without dismantling your precious device.

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