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Top 4 Free Android Games of 2016

By April 25, 2016Buzz
top 4 android games for 2016

Android Smartphones over the last few years gained popularity among the masses for its smooth and easy to use functionality. One of the biggest factors contributing towards the success of android phone is the wide range of gaming and mobile applications available in the play store for the users. Moreover, in our list, we have gathered some of the best free to play title from different genre which you should try out if you’re a proud android based smartphone user.

Piano Titles 2

If you’re into creating cool piece of music and rhythms then Piano Title 2 offers you the perfect music based gaming experience. This game comes with online multiplayer option and you can compete with other players across the world in real time. Moreover, Piano Titles 2 consists of simple and easy to follow rules in which the gamer has to tap on the black box in order to create a perfect symphony. The game includes some of the famous tracks from likes of Mozart, Beethoven and others.

Traffic Riders

If you’re a fan of racing games then Traffic Riders offers you a totally unique and realistic experience. The game can be played in first person mode and you can navigate your bike by steering your smartphone or tablet. Traffic Riders follow simple rules such as you have to complete each mission under the assigned time limit in order to unlock new maps. Moreover, you can choose from 20 diverse types of motorcycles with different power, speed and brake. It is based on high quality graphics with attention to detail which makes it even more fun to play.

Dead Zone

Another classic game available for the android users on the play store is Dead Zone that offers third person shooting experience. This game comes with highly impressive graphics but it requires high performing machines otherwise you will face issue such as lagging and you will not be able to get most of it. Furthermore, the users can choose from three different playing options such as Death match, shooter mode, and battle zone.

Angry Birds 2

Another interesting game present on the Google play store is Angry Birds 2 that comes with extremely interactive functions. Even though this android game is free to play but there are certain in-app purchase options which has been a bit controversial. Angry Birds 2 has decent graphics but the way game is designed makes it very interesting and indulging.

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