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Why tempered glass screen protector does not work anymore for mobile phones

By January 7, 2016Buzz
comparison between liquid screen protector and tempered glass

Toughened Glass or Tempered Glass Screen Protector was introduced in the consumer electronics market few years ago, and it became an instant success or the next big thing for high-tech phone protection. Consumers used these products for preserving excellent condition of their devices against all sort of scratches from keys, dust and hard surfaces.However, these products were not able to meet the expectation of an average daily consumer.

Do you really need a tempered glass screen protector?

Well the answer to the question stated above is really simple “No”. Basically you are protecting the screen of your mobile phone with another glass screen. Even though tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass but in the end it is still made up of heating glass, and cooling it very quickly after that absorbent silicon layer is added moreover, they are specifically made for a particular model such iPhone 6s or other such type of communication devices so there is no such thing as one size fits all models.
Here is a quick comparison between Tempered Glass and Shark Proof Liquid Screen Protector
shark proof final

Why select Shark Proof for your media device protection?

Shark Proof is a UK based company that offers invisible liquid screen protector that can defend your display against all types of abrasions up to 2 years. It utilizes nanotechnology that provides maximum protection for your glass screen. On the other hand, toughened glass’s life is limited and after few weeks of normal use cracks start to appear around the edges and corners which defeats the purpose of preserving mobile phone.

What about sensitivity of touch screen?

Unlike toughened glass which significantly reduces the sensitivity of touch screen, Liquid screen protector does not diminishes the response time and users are able to enjoy same touch to response ratio even after the application product.

Can it be applied on other media technologies?

Invisible protector can be used on all type of smartphones irrespective of model such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, or any other brand. Furthermore, Shark Proof’s product can also be used for medical equipment, camera lens, Sat Nav, GPS system, LCD, LED, tablets, and plasma screen. However, tempered glass screen protector cannot be used on these media technologies.

How to apply the product?

Application nanotechnology liquid protector is very easy and simple. You just need to follow simple guidelines which are written on the product package or you can see the instructions for application on the website. Moreover, when you are applying the product you don’t need to find any vacuum environment where there is no dust just simply wipe the screen with micro fiber cloth and follow the instructions. Cleaning of screen is also very simple just use the sticker provided in the package to wipe dirt and dust.

What about air bubbles on display screen?

One of the best features about liquid protector is that air bubbles are never formed on the display screen. Unlike traditional protector which develop air bubbles, and reduces the HD display of mobile phone, invisible screen protector always offer HD experience to its users.

Can traditional protectors repel water the surface?

Tempered glass screen protector cannot repel water the surface as water molecules are smaller. Though, liquid protector does not allow water molecules to pass through it since the molecular structure of nanotechnology liquid is smaller than water molecules. The water simply slides away from the surface of mobile phone.

How about anti-bacterial properties?

Toughened glass does not have any anti-bacterial properties and they sometimes become home to germs in hospital settings. Since most of the bacteria grows on the surface of glass it is very important to have some sort protection against these microorganisms. Self-healing protector by shark proof has anti-bacterial properties that defends medical equipment and media devices against these types of microbes.
In a nutshell, invisible screen protector has numerous advantages over the traditional protectors such as it offers protection up to 2 years, it has anti-bacterial and water repellent properties. Moreover, it also enhances screen clarity, application of product is also very easy, and it is much stronger than toughened glass which are available in the market.

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