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Wipe on Screen Protector – Protect Nexus 6P and Improve Viewing Experience

By March 15, 2016Buzz
Protect & improve viewing experience of Nexus 6P

Google launched Nexus 6P Phone belonging to high-end category of smart phone with 5.7 inch AMOLED display screen, and fingerprint sensor last year which quickly became a hot selling mobile phone and it was able to compete with other flagship products in the market with ease. From design point of view Nexus 6P takes on a whole new level with its elegant high quality full metal body that makes it stand out, and flat sides form an easier grip which makes it convenient for all consumers to handle this big thing of beauty without any problems.

Furthermore, all the button are present on the right of this device while an audio jack and C type USB port is present on the top and bottom of the phone respectively. Nexus 6P also comes with Quad HD and a pixel density of 581 ppi which are indicators for high-end smart phones. AMOLED display also provides higher color saturation levels and great viewing experience to the users.

Even though Nexus 6P has a full metal body but the screen is made up of glass which can be easily damaged due to scrapes and scratches. Most of the consumers using this fantastic device often damage their cellphone by keeping it inside their pockets as keys or pens would scratch the glass surface leading to a bad viewing experience.

Present line of plastic protectors available in the market does not provide much protection to the device and this additional layer causes more harm than good. Moreover, it has been noted that air bubbles is one of the most common problems faced by the consumers that affect the viewing experience significantly. People are not able enjoy HD Quad display due to air bubbles and no matter what you do these bubbles will not disappear until you apply new plastic protector.

On the other hand, Wipe on screen protector by Shark Proof is more than just a mere screen protection tool. Keeping Nexus 6P model in our mind the invisible liquid can be applied on the device with ease without any fuss or hassle. The protective liquid forms a layer on the glass surface that has 9H hardness and you don’t have to worry about grazes on your device.

In addition to, wipe on screen protector also enhances the gaming experience; it makes the screen more responsive to touch and increases the overall sensitivity as compared to plastic protectors offered by other brands. You will be able to play your favorite high resolution games without ever noticing a screen protector is there on the glass surface.

Plastic protector also limits the usability of the device since the buttons are present on the right side of this device it makes it difficult for the users to use functions properly. If you are using a traditional then you would have to remove the cover in order to use the device beating the purpose of protective casing. In contrast, wipe on screen protector does not hinder with the usability of device and forms a smooth layer on the glass screen allowing people to use all functions.

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